Submission guidelines

Enlighten Your Research @ CAREN

The application template contains the following sections: (1) Project Title, (2) Team details, (3) Research abstract and (4) Technical section. Read the instructions below for the requested information on each section

1. Project Title

Choose a project title which is between 1 and 20 words.

2. Team Details

Specify the details of the applicant team members, which must include at least:

  • a main applicant, a researcher, who will be the primary contact for the duration of the project;
  • one or more co-applicants from a different country or different countries. More applicants from the same country is also allowed;
  • one or more local network coordinators, who will be responsible for supporting the technical implementation of the project. (If applicable)
  • See the Terms and Conditions on the website for more details on team formation.

    Please note:

    • Aspiring applicants are advised to contact the organization of EYR@CAREN about their plan to submit a proposal and to get more information about the local (network) possibilities. Please visit for contact details of the participating National Research and Education Networks (NRENs).
    • Every member of the applicant team must provide written consent that they agree to become member of the team and as such will have responsibility for the proposed project.

3. Research section (max. 300 words)

Provide a short abstract describing the team’s research problem or question and the objective of the proposal. Also include what the expected results are in terms of research output.

4. Technical section (max. 500 words)

To the best of your ability, please describe the network requirements the project will need. To the best of your knowledge, please describe your current technical/network setup in terms of hardware (type and location, ranging from laptops, local clusters to supercomputers) and software. Please estimate the added value or how the proposed resources/support would complement or augment your current (technical) set up.

Note that the choices made are not definitive, and may change during the consultation meetings in the second round.