EYR (Enlighten Your Research) is an initiative that started in The Netherlands as a SURFnet initiative to support researchers to give a boost to their research by providing support in the use of advanced ICT facilities. In the various EYR rounds in The Netherlands researchers were asked to submit proposals for the use of high end ICT facilities that would enable them to do better research. The Dutch programs were focussed on new emerging technologies that, such as “Fixed Light Paths” (2007), Dynamic Light Paths” (2009), “Connecting e-Infrastructures (2011) and “Data analysis (2013). In 2015 there was also an EYR Global initiative . In 2016 EaP Connect organised an EYR programme as part of their EaP E-infrastructure Conference in Tblisi (October 2016) .

As part of CRNC 2017 an EYR programme for CAREN members will be organised.


The target group of the CAREN-EYR programme is young researchers from the countries that are actually part of the CAREN project (currently only Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan). Within these countries only staff from members of the NRENs (TARENA and KRENA) are applicable for EYR support.

The focus of the CAREN-EYR 2017 programme will be to foster international collaborations to accelerate the research and discovery process for scientists. The Gigabit international links between the CAREN countries and GÉANT as well as between themselves that is being provided by CAREN3 should boost research results in many scientific disciplines in the CAREN countries. This will not only happen by the information that becomes available, but also but creating a platform for international collaboration.

The goal is to award two proposals, preferably, but not necessarily, one from each of the CAREN countries. The winning proposals will receive:

  1. Support in implementing the needs that were indicated in their proposal, such as modest support in buying necessary hard- and software
  2. Travel and lodging for one person to the CRNC 2017 conference in Bishkek (where they will be expected to present their proposal during the award session).
  3. Travel and lodging to a European conference of their choice

The Terms and Conditions, Submission Guidelines and Submission Template of the EYR@CAREN 2017 programme can be downloaded from …

The schedule for submitting and reviewing proposals is as follows:

  • January 16: Call for draft proposals
  • February 16: Deadline for submitting draft proposals
  • February 16 – 23: Review draft proposals and selection of two best proposals
  • March 23: Deadline final proposals
  • March 30: Acceptance final proposals